Where it all started

For generations, humans have been dancing. There’s a wonderful feeling that one gets from the art of movement.

We are dedicated to helping dancers get that feeling of joy from movement! That amazing, natural buzz you get when you dance or is just one of the many benefits that it brings. We teach Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and adults classes with students successfully participating in competitions, exams, and shows. 

Classes are for all levels from Pre School through to advanced and adults classes - whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, you will find it here. We are passionate about introducing people to the joy of dance and helping them develop to become the best that they can be.


2 Fully-Equipped Studios

Dancewear Shop

On-Street Parking

Fully Qualified Teachers


Rebecca Wyatt

Owner of the Studio

When I was a child I remember looking up to my dance teacher in awe and thought she had the most amazing job - to run a studio and dance all day! I am fortunate to say it has become a reality for me and passionate about helping others experience the countless benefits of moving their body and challenging their mind. 

If you have ever considered dance or fitness classes for you, a friend or your child, I would love to meet you.